About us

                                            Our school focuses both general and professional objectives of young minds that join us. Fantasy has always has a bond with children all over the world and has given rise to creativity and imagination of each child today. Barani feels that these two things are very essential part in today’s life situations. So we are opting so spread our magical wand on children to have a vibrant future.


                                               Prepare the young to educate themselves all through their lives. We believe in 3L’s… ie., Life Long Learning. So here we concentrate on Child Centred Learning and focus on the outcomes through skill development. We would respect each students feeling and his needs. Also promotes a positive approach to groom them totally. Every student will witness that they are in safe hands.


CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION  : Encouraging students to develop Intellectual ambitions and designing them to achieve new                                                                            knowledge.

SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT                 : Orienting students academic experience to help them in becoming engaged citizen, dedicated                                                                       to  a range of social roles and relationship.

HUMANITY AND CULTURE          : Designing students and environment to improve human conditions and to set spiritual and                                                                             moral values.

PROJECT BASED LEARNING       : It makes school more like real life by making students explore interpret and information in                                                                        a meaningful ways.